Parklife Soccer Club

Friday, October 29, 2004

Semi Final 29 October 2004

Us: 3
Them: 5
Scorers for Parklife: Tim 2, Other teams own goal 1 (credited to Ralf for forcing the error)

Disappointing to lose yet another semi final. However in our defense we had no subs, played a team that was top of the league for the season (in fact they had only lost 1 game all season - to us!) and we were beaten fairly in a good clean game. We played our hearts out and were extremely happy with the team effort we generated - synergy is an amazing thing.
The game started with tightly controlled passing and defense from both sides until Ralf forced an error on the sideline when a player he was tackling decided to pass back to the keeper without looking and it went in for an own goal. So we went 1-0 up. By half time that had turned into 2-1 to them.
Another goal from the the opposition made it 3-1.
With about 6 minutes to go Tim scored a goal on a breakaway driving it under the keepers legs. They responded with another goal with 3 minutes left taking it to 4-2. With 36 seconds to go they scored again making it 5-2. As the clock ticked down Tim and Ben walked to the halfway line. Ben kicked off to Tim who faked right then slammed the ball toward the goal. It took a deflection of a players shoulder and passed the keepers hand to end up in the top right corner. 5-3. With two seconds on the clock all we could do was shake hands as the siren went.

The outstanding player had to be Pat who played most of the game in goal - sharing with Tim and Ben. He had skinned knees (photo to come) from the awesome saves he pulled off - at one stage he took 3 diving saves in a row as the deflections fell to the feet of the other team. Thanks Pat you kept us in the game!

New season (12) starts next week at 5:30.