Parklife Soccer Club

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Parklife Score 27 May 2005

Us: 5
Them: 2
Scorers for Parklife: Pete 2, Tim 2, Pat 1
Awesome game. I scored off a long ball from Pat in the goal in the first minute (AC Milan style). The ball bounced once and sat up for me to pivot off my left foot and half volley the ball past the keeper. They equalised within a matter of minutes with a long range shot that surprised Pat. Pete poked one in shortly after through a guys legs and straight past the keeper.
Not long after I took a free kick right in front of goal. My intention was just to touch the ball and leave it for Pete to score as it was an indirect penalty. However I missed it altogether, Pete slammed it into 2 defenders legs, it ricochetted to me and I slotted it past the keeper.
In the second half Eugene, Ben, Pete and Pat all shot at the keeper a lot for no result. I was in goal and the other team passed brilliantly to set up a back post player with a shot I couldn't stop. For the next 14 minutes we defended our 3-2 position, and then in the last 2 minutes we scored twice, Pat finally got one in then Pete with the final one. A great result that needed great team synergy. Well done Lads!