Parklife Soccer Club

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Last Hurrah!

Pat writes:
As far as I know this weekend is the last weekend for Parklife

I say that cause Nossi and I are retiring and I think Pete has told Eric we are not going ahead next season. The reasons are we dont have enough players, usually fielding 4 or 5 and sometime 3 of our own squad. Also with the fees at $72 per game we end up paying close to $20 most weeks which is not sustainable. Noss and Pete have really kept the team going playing 14 and 12 games respectively out of 15. Ben and I have played 9 each, Josh a newcomer 8 and Richard nossi's brother 8 before he went to England for 6 weeks. Our record is 8 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses and considering we lost the first 2 games that's very good. I dont have a record of all the goalscorers as we've scored so many and people cant remember. We have won 8-1, 8-2, 11-4 and 12-3 in four games.

We came second in the regular league and our semi-final is this Friday at 6.10 (assuming we can clear our debt to the centre of $55 before the game. We should have a great chance of making the final and going out on a high. If you are around Friday any support would be great. The final if we make it is 2pm Sunday I think.

Personally for me I just dont enjoy it enough anymore and am happy to have something else on to avoid playing. I guess when I feel like that its time to retire. I would like to thank you all for the last 5 years. Its just been a wondeful journey with the parklifers. Between the 50 game plus Parklifers we have played a combined total of over 1000 games which is some achievement. The approx totals are

Pat 171
Ben 154
Tim 153
Ralf 147
Mike 135
Larry 122
Pete 105
Eugene 60 and
Noss 57

I reckon we need to catch up soon and have an evening to celebrate a great era.

Bye for now