Parklife Soccer Club

Friday, July 08, 2005

Semifinal 8 July 2005

Us: 2
Them: 0
Scorers for Parklife: Pete 2.
Great win. We went ahead with the first goal after 10 minutes of intense back and forward from both sides, hardly any shots, just great build ups and defence. Pete took advantage of a bit of loose defence and blasted a ball past 2 defenders on the wrong side for the keeper to see straight into the net.
We fought hard for the next one which was a well set up series of passes between Mike and Pete allowing Pete to put it away.
Half time came and we resolved to hold firm, score another if we could, but to defend hard and tight. Well we did and we won. I pulled off a save out of nowhere to stop a ball that was flying under me. Still not sure how I got my hand on it.
Final now on Sunday at 12PM.