Parklife Soccer Club

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Final 10 July 2005

Us: 3
Them: 4
Scorers for Parklife: Pat 2, Pete 1

The went ahead early with two quick goals. We followed up soon after with two well constructed goals finished by Pat. A third goal hit by Pete just before half time saw us take the lead 3-2. For the next 15 minutes we defended our lead and attacked constantly, but missed every shot, either putting it wide or being saved by the keeper. Tim stopped a couple of goals but they didn't really worry our end as our defence was too tight. Finally they took a cross court pass which we were to slow to cover and a shot was smacked into the far post tying the score up with around 4 minutes to go.
Now the pace became frantic, and we literally bomarbed their goal forcing their keeper to make saves, and some shots going wide. No luck and on a return attack they scored again with less than 2 minutes left. Now it was all stops out but to no avail and once again we walked away with a 2nd place runners up trophy.

There's always next season - game on at 5:30 Friday 15 July.