Parklife Soccer Club

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Parklife Score 24 June 2005

Us: 6
Them: 0
Scorers for Parklife: Mike 4, Tim 1, Tom fill in) 1

Pete put a pass to Mike in the corner which he tapped to me on the top of the goal circle. I trapped it with my right foot turned around the defender and poked it under the keepers hands with my left foot for the first goal inside 2 mintues from kick off. This was followed a couple of minutes later by the first of Mike's 4 awesome goals.
We went to half time 3-0 and decided to concentrate on defending our lead. With no subs we all took turns in goal except Pete who worked tirelessly and gave so many great passes to Tom, Tim and Mike. Tom put one away and Mike put two more away, both blasted so hard at the keeper he couldn't stop them. One actually went straight at his face and brushed it as he jerked away and slammed into the top of the net.
The had a few shots on our goal that were unlucky, one hit the inside of the post and came back out and a couple hit the outside and skidded off, but we contained them pretty well.
One more game then the finals.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Parklife results 17 June 2005

Us: 8
Them: 3
Scorers for Parklife: Pete 4, Mike 4, Eugene 1

They scored from the kickoff first within in 5 seconds.
That sparked a scoring spree for both sides that ended 5 minutes into the game with the score 4-3 to us.
From there we defended well and scored two well constructed goals to go to half time 6-3.
The second half saw more tight defense and two more goals rounding out the score at 2 minutes to full time at 8-3. Despite a frantic push for the 9th goal and an additional bonus point we were unable to convert two chances in the last 1.5 minutes.

The ref commented to Mike that this was the best game he had ever seen us play.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Parklife Results 10 June 2005

Us: 3
Them: 3
Scorers for Parklife: Pete 2, Tim 1
Pete scored the first goal with a cracking right foot cross court shot into the top left hand side of the box beating his man on defence and the keeper as well.
I came into goal shortly after and they scored when they kicked across the goal box, I anticipated it but dived too late and they scored from the other side behind my sprawled body. After I came back out of goal Mike, fresh back from Istanbul, was inspired and set me up against their keeper who came out of his box and shoved me into the side net. I went to take the free kick but Mike stepped in and touched it to me and I blasted it through two defenders' legs and the keeper couldn't handle the power and it dribbled past him into the net after he only partially stopped it.
Some hectic defending for the next while saw Ben and Pat both stopping numerous shots with their legs and great tackles. Mike and Pete continued to rove up front but the defence was on them like the stench on 4 day old prawns. I even managed to reflex save one massive shot fired at me so hard it sounded like a bullet shot firing off my palm back out into the field of play.
Finally however they managed to score with a cut pass across the face of goal and slammed into the back of the net.
With only a minute 49 to go it looked unlikely we were going to get anything but a draw but Pete managed to slot another home making it 3-2. But 40 seconds later after some frantic attack by the opposition they managed to get a shot between our defender's legs and although I got my hand to it I couldn't stop it.
Although we didn't win we didn't lose either. And given we were second on the table by one point prior to this game the bonus point for scoring 3 goals is welcome also.