Parklife Soccer Club

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Us: 1
Them: 7
Scorers for Parklife: Richard 1

Sad way to finish a season (though it was against the top team) and also our 200th game as a club. Still an awesome effort.

We are resting the boots for a seaason and will come back stronger and recommitted in the new year.

I will post any planned social activites over the holidays on here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Parklife Result 14 Otcober 2005

Us: 4
Them: 4
Scorers for Parklife: Andrew, Richard, Peter and Pat 1 each.
Played the United Nations team. This week we had 8 players compared to 5 last week. It was the first time for ages we played with a sub let alone 3. They weren't great but we didn't play too well. We never got into any rhythm with all the changes and could not put them away. Andrew scored first with a clever goal after he heard the ref call direct free kick, but they didn't so he just slotted the ball into the net and they didn't try to stop it. They equalised when they caught us on the break. Andrew's brother Richard restored our lead with a cool finish but we were sloppy again just before the break to leave it 2-2 at half time. Pete scored early in the 2nd to put us ahead again but rather than go on with it they stunned us with 2 goals in a few minutes to leave us 3-4 behind. They defended better from here on and we found it hard but we kept going and got level with a couple of minutes left when Pat scored. We nearly got the winner right at the death but they deserved a draw for their spirit and tenacity.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Parklife Score 7th October 2005

Us: 2
Them: 4
Scorers for Parklife: Andrew 1, Milan 1

We played CUS. We had 3 players, Eugene, Andrew and Tim so grabbed two extras.
Hard fought game as always against CUS.
It should have been an extra goal after the referee changed his mind about a call and then disallowed the goal we scored.