Parklife Soccer Club

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Parklife Result 28 July 2005

Us: 5
Them: 6
Scorers for Parklife: Domonic 2, Andrew 1, Adrian 1, Tim 1

With only Tim and Anderw there as regulars Tim brought two from his outdoor team Dom and Scott. We dragged in another fill in and that made 5.
They attacjed from the outset and some good defending helped us deal with the onslaught til we broke though, Scott setting Dom up for a perfect side foot into the goal. They scored sraight back at us and then again. We went to half time 4-2 down.
They took it to 5-2 and then we scored twice after lots of pressure from us and amazing saves from their keeper. Another goal from them took it to 6-4 and then with about 2 minutes to go Dom scored his second. We all out attacked for the last 2 minutes with the whistle blowing as Tim (goalie) was half way down the field with the ball trying to get in a position to shoot or pass.
Given that it was a new combination, we had no subs and they had one, I think our normal team would have beaten them. They were a new team to us and their skills were good, but predictable and after we worked them out we shut them down easy most of the time. All their goals scored were on break aways and one on ones with the keeper.