Parklife Soccer Club

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pats Final Lament for Last season

Well I guess were all feeling a little down after losing yesterday when we had such a great chance to win. I kept replaying incidents in the game in my head last night. If only we hadn't got off to a bad start, if only we had taken our chances when 3-2 ahead etc etc. I'm sure we all do it but we cant change what happened and I guess that's sport for you. Still overall it was a great season, we came 2nd out of 9. Here are some stats.

Record: Least defeats in a season 4 (incredibly 3 to Chief Wiggum and O'Malleys who I think we would agree are that bit better than us at present, top 4 div 2. So Chief Wiggum were the only team to beat us in our league and by one each time 5-6, 2-3 and 3-4.

Record: Best % for a season at 67%

Record: Most consecutive games unbeaten 8

Pete well done most games played and goals scored in season and you passed 100 goals a few games ago.